ZZap! Live 2023 Event Details Announced

ZZap! Live 2023 Event Details Announced

Last Updated on March 24, 2023

ZZap! Live 2023 has been announced, a live event celebrating the enduring Commodore systems, in particular the C64 and Amiga computers.

The event is produced by Fusion Retro Events, in conjunction with Revival Retro Events, South West Amiga Group and Retro Computer Museum.

ZZap! Live 2023 will take place 12th August at The Holiday Inn, Kenilworth, CV8 1ED. The event is geared towards gamers and game developers who have a soft spot for the classic video game era of the 80s and 90s. The nostalgic event promises to showcase the evolution of the gaming industry from its humble beginnings to its current state.

Programmed in two stages, ZZap! Live 2023 features a main daytime event and an evening event.

The Main Event runs from 10am to 6pm and features:

  • 50 Commodore systems (PET up to the Amiga 4000) grouped into zones covering different periods
  • Fusion Zone featuring non-Commodore systems
  • Dedicated Q&A room with various speakers and guests (including Andrew Braybrook / Steve Turner / Jason Page (Uridium, Paradroid, Rainbow Islands, Fire and Ice), Jon Hare / Stoo Cambridge (Wizball, Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder), Gary Bracey /  Simon Butler / Paul Hughes / Stephen Thompson (Ocean Software titles))
  • Gaming competitions on a big screen
  • Arcade machines playing key titles alongside Commodore systems playing the home ports
  • Fully licensed bar

There is also an Evening Event kicking off at 7.30pm and running until 12pm, with a variety of music and video events.

ZZap! Live 2023 will be an exciting opportunity for young gamers to experience the games that their parents grew up with; a chance to understand the evolution of gaming. As such, under 3s go free!

To learn more about the ZZap! Live 2023 event, visit the Fusion Retro Events website.

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