A500 Mini Packaging Samples Give a Sneak Peak of What’s Coming

A500 mini box sample

Ramping up the excitement in advance of its 2022 release, sample packaging of the A500 mini has been shared.

Accompanied by images of proposed packaging for the mouse and controller devices it all looks very smart. Indeed you could even picture sitting on the shelf ready to buy – that is if you hadn’t already pre-ordered your own A500 mini

The post reads:

We thought you guys might like a sneak peek at what we were shown this week!

Obviously, these are just the initial ‘trial samples’ but…

Feast your eyes on THEA500 mini 1st packaging samples!!

We are very excited of course, and hope you are as well, as we count down the weeks to release, and don’t forget to get your pre-orders in to guarantee your THEA500 mini for release day in 2022 Q1 (as with global manufacturing/shipping timelines as things are currently in the world, that’s the only date we can 100% confirm yet, so don’t miss out by hesitating over pre-ordering!!).

Here are a few Amazon links below to quickly remind you all of them, so you can pre-order your THEA500 for release day (plus of course there are also many other ‘local to you’ online and physical stores you can also pre-order from, just too many to list country by country right here, but do look back in our posts here on Facebook for many more!)

You can pre-order the a500 mini now on a variety of online stores including Amazon. The A500 mini is released on March 31st, 2022.