Amiga Addict Xmas Edition Announced

Amiga Addict Xmas Edition Announced

Last Updated on December 5, 2022

I don’t know about you but I haven’t bought a Christmas themed Amiga magazine since the 1990s.

In fact, I’m not even sure the Amiga maga that lasted into the current century were confident enough of reaching Christmas to plan for it in any meaningful way.

So we’re very lucky to have Amiga Addict in 2022, and to celebrate an amazing 17 issues of Amiga heaven, they’re leaning into Christmas in a big way for the next issue.

In Amiga Addict #17 you will find:

ISSUE 17 “CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2022” includes:

  • Christmas A3 centrefold poster with artwork from Paul Kitching 3D and Amiga Addict’s Christmas party game picks.
  • Free Xmas coverdisk game download, including insights into how the game was made by developer Rob Smith.
  • NEW GAME: Devil’s Temple reviewed.
  • NEW GAME: Minky reviewed.
  • NEW GAME: None Of Us reviewed.
  • NEW BOOK: A Hobbyist’s Guide To TheA500 Mini reviewed.
  • Amiga37 show write-up from reporter in the field, Ravi Abbott.
  • EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Ex-CU Amiga’s Andrew Korn tells the story of how they took on the mighty Amiga Format!
  • Classic Amiga game coverage including Knights Of The Sky, Dyna Blaster, Home Alone, Xmas Lemmings and Fire And Ice!
  • Love the Christmas movie Home Alone? Well don’t forget the Amiga game!
  • Our new Classic Coverdisk Of The Month column takes a look at a very snowy Theme Park in Bullfrog’s Xmas demo edition.
  • We discuss the controversy that surrounds the Amiga’s best Sonic The Hedgehog killer, the brilliant Mr Nutz!
  • Get creative, with an insider’s guide to Cinema 4D!
  • Special guest Eric Hill (of joins us in Six Of The Best to share his favourite Amiga games!
  • h0ffman’s Demoscene offers a round-up of the very best Amiga Christmas demos.
  • We’re also joined Chris Winter (of YouTube channel 005 AGIMA and This Week In Retro podcast) who talks to us about the Batman Pack and the PD Amiga game he recently created.
  • A Christmas-themed Amiga C Programming tutorial.
  • Amiga Addict regulars including user groups, news, readers letters and Stoo Cambridge of Sensible Software fame.
  • Plus lots lots more..!

That sees far more than usual, so put plenty of time aside for reading this issue. You can order Amiga Addict #17 now, in time for release on December 15th, 2022. Head to the Amiga Addict store page at the Addict Media store to place your order, or buy from WHSmith.

Addict Media no longer accepts PayPal

Before you click the link above, it’s worth highlighting that due to unfavourable dispute rulings against Addict Media, they no longer accept PayPal for purchases. Although “payments via the industry-recognised Stripe, direct debit and bank transfer payments” are still accepted, you may prefer to brave the elements and buy your copy of Amiga Addict #17 from WHSmith.

Of course, you could also subscribe, which is a better option, requires a single annual payment, saves a bit of money, and also gives you a free PDF copy of the mag.

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