AmigaKit Challenges Amiga Addict Trademark

Amiga 1200

Well, this is unedifying. Successful new print magazine Amiga Addict has been sent a trademark opposition notification from AmigaKit Ltd.

This has come, it would seem, as something of a surprise. Responses in the thread from AmigaKit Ltd suggest that it is not a malicious action. However, field 5 in the image above would indicate otherwise, at least to some degree. Unfortunately, while AmigaKit Ltd might hope to win the benefit of doubt, it doesn’t have the best reputation among some areas of the Amiga community.

On Twitter and on Facebook, fan reaction has been overwhelmingly against AmigaKit Ltd. For an established brand to put itself in the firing line in this way seems odd – for Amiga Addict to defend itself at such an early stage of its existence seems only sensible.

Will an amicable solution to this arise? We can only hope so. In the meantime, it would be sensible for fans to continue to support both parties.