Amiga’s Sonic Rival Zool Returns in Zool Redimensioned

Amiga’s Sonic Rival Zool Returns in Zool Redimensioned

Back in the 1990s, under the challenge of Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario, someone decided the Amiga needed a mascot that wasn’t Turrican, James Pond, or Tutankamen. The result was Gremlin Graphics 1992 creation, Zool: Ninja of the Nth Dimension.

Warmly received and with a heavy dose of Chupa Chups lollies, Zool (for short) featured a ninja ant creature leaping and spinning through various levels. Some of these featured contemporary electronics, while others where mostly food.

This month (August 2021) Zool returns in Zool Redimensioned, a reimagining of the classic game rebuilt for modern audiences and available for Windows via Steam. Boasting menacing bosses, eight worlds, and secrets in every level, the new game also features achievements and the threat of the nefarious Krool.

Zool Redimensioned Features

  • Over 28 retro platforming challenges, all enhanced for the best possible experience
  • Choose between two main game modes: Redimensioned for a more accessible modern experience, or Ultimate Ninja to experience a true hardcore challenge
  • Trade blows with the dimension’s most dangerous creatures in seven completely redesigned boss fights
  • Discover new secrets, challenges and extras across your adventure, with over 25 achievements to unlock
  • Enhanced quality-of-life options, including a level select screen, checkpoints, accessibility options and more
  • Play the original Mega Drive version for a truly authentic retro adventure

Sumo Digital Academy

Gremlin Graphics is no more, so who is behind Zool Redimensioned? It’s the team at Sumo Digital Academy, a talent development programme focused on creating new pathways into the games industry.

They’ve had help from the developers of the 1992 game, aiming to retain the spirit of the original cult classic. And if you don’t want to play a remake, you can revisit the original Zool in the forthcoming Amiga clone from Retro Games Ltd, THEA500 Mini.

Zool Redimensioned is available from Steam for Windows PCs – head there now to wishlist ahead of its release later this month.

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