Blaze Entertainment Bullish Over Evercade VS Chances

Blaze Entertainment Bullish Over Evercade VS Chances

In a warming, confident interview with tech publication T3, Evercade spokesperson Sean Cleaver has higlighted how confident makers Blaze Entertainment are over the potential for the Evercade VS.

Set for release later this year, the Evercade VS marries the handheld retro gaming of the original Evercade with the classic multiplayer games console. Simply hook up to your TV or monitor, insert a games cartridge, power on, and play.

It’s a retro gaming system in the vein of THEC64 Mini or Nintendo’s NES Mini, but with a key twist: you can buy games for Evercade.

The classic systems have certainly paved a way for us,” Cleaver told T3, “but they do offer a closed experience when it comes to the games they choose. They carry the nostalgia of the console but not so much what everyone played. Evercade’s big selling point is the cartridge. It goes one step further by having that proprietary media, it has a smaller and curated selection of games so you aren’t overwhelmed by the choice and gives you the option to expand your collection with more games – without the effort and legal issues of modifying those modern retro consoles, or the hassle of maintaining the original hardware.”

The price of the Evercade VS when compared to a next gen console is important, but so is the experience of owning physical media and competing in person, rather than online.

“With that comes the fun. A simple premise of picking up and playing something instinctive, easy to play and difficult to master, as well as memories to share with friends in the room. It is the multiplayer device that people really want and doesn’t require you to be online, or all have £300+ machines to play a game on.”

Evercade VS ships in November 2021. In the meantime, you can read more from this interview at T3.

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