Android PS2 Emulator Abandoned as AetherSX2 Developer Targeted

Android PS2 Emulator Abandoned as AetherSX2 Developer Targeted

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

It feels great to be able to play console games on the go thanks to mobile emulation. One of these emulators, known as AetherSX2, allows you to play PlayStation 2 titles. Releasing on Android app stores in December 2021, it became a more reliable platform than the likes of DamonPS2.

Despite how well the emulator ran, the developer has terminated further updating to the app. The developer, going by the name of Tahlreth, explains his decision briefly on the AetherSX2 website which states: “Due to neverending impersonating, complaints, demands, and now death threats, I’m done.” However, the app will continue to run as it currently is.

In a recent update on the site, he highlights that he will no longer have an Internet presence as the developer of the emulator, explaining the following: “I no longer have any active online presence in any community. Anyone claiming to be Tahlreth, or represent AetherSX2, is impersonating and scamming you. I hope the threats and hate will stop now.” He warns his audiences that there are many scammers and to stay vigilant. The tension surrounding the “death threats” have been expressed by the developer in a Reddit post. However, the screenshot of the developer’s concerns seems to have been removed by moderators. This post was in regards to the constant requests of his users. One in particular requested him to port AetherSX2 over to iOS. A difficult task to accomplish on Apple devices in general.

Despite the developer closing further engagement online, on a positive note, he thanks members of the AetherSX2 community who have stayed civil in the matter.

You may like to grab AetherSX2 for your Android device while you still can.

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