Andy Warhol’s Influence Recalled in Amiga Addict Magazine 20

Andy Warhol’s Influence Recalled in Amiga Addict Magazine 20

Last Updated on April 13, 2023

Amiga Addict #20 has been announced, with a feature on Andy Warhol’s relationship with the Amiga way back in 1985. There is also a look at the Amiga Walker, once considered the “future” of the Amiga.

When I was a lad, a weekly walk into town on a Saturday morning would always culminate with me walking home with my head in a magazine. The trip was dominated by time spent in WHSmith’s, often browsing books but usually flicking through Amiga or guitar magazines.

To be honest, it’s a wonder I made it home safely.

Amiga Format and CU Amiga may be long gone, but their spirit lives on in Amiga Addict.

Issue 20 of Amiga Addict includes:

  • Amiga Addict explores Andy Warhol’s relationship with creating art on the Amiga and how he helped forge our platform’s creative identity.
  • An exclusive interview with Amiga World magazine’s co-founder and editor Guy Wright, who interviewed Warhol back in 1986 prior to the iconic artist’s passing.
  • We head out on the road, turning our focus to Amiga users and reporting from Lincolnshire Amiga Group, Stamford Peterborough Amiga Group and Yorkshire Amiga Group meets.
  • The Amiga Walker prototype – the last AGA Amiga computer never to be released.
  • Rob Smith’s new Retro Directory, a free online listing service.
  • We speak to David Upchurch, the renowned ex-editor of The One Amiga magazine.
  • Original Amiga hardware engineer Ron Nicholson gives us the low-down on what makes our favourite machine tick.
  • A brand new gamepad controller for the Amiga: Ralph Egas brings word of his Dual Stick.
  • Latest game review: Maria Renard’s Revenge.
  • To celebrate both Easter and Amiga Addict’s 20th issue, our Gold Standard column reveals the best Easter Eggs and bonuses hidden in classic Amiga games.
  • A round-up of the AGA games everyone really should have played!
  • Six Of The Best: classic games picked out by Acidbottle (Wonderboy).
  • A guide to Bifrost Heimdall Edition, the ultimate LED lighting mod for the Amiga.
  • Magazine, manual and reference book scanning. We look at the best way to digitally preserve your Amiga-related print media with the CZUR ET16 Plus overhead scanner.
  • Our regulars including former-Sensible Software’s Stoo Cambridge, Demoscene, Amiga news, User Groups, Classic Coverdisk Of The Month and readers letters.

The only magazine I still buy in print is about to release its 20th issue, and it looks like a barnstormer.

Amiga Addict issue 20 will be available from April 20th, 2023. You can order your copy from the Amiga Addict shop, or pick it up in WHSmith. Remember, if you subscribe for print issues, you also get a digital download.

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