Arduboy FX Now Available to Preorder

Arduboy FX

Arduboy FX, the credit card sized Gameboy clone, is now available to preorder.

The latest in the Arduboy series, the Arduboy FX has over 200 games preinstalled and is Arduino compatible (hence the name).

Featuring an 8-bit ATmega 32u4 microcontroller, 32KB of flash storage, 2.5KB of RAM, and 1KB EEPROM, and 1-bit OLED matrix display with 128×64 px resolution, the device has a 6 hour battery (180mAh Lithium Polymer). Rechargable and reprogrammable over USB, the Arduboy FX has 6 soft click buttons, RGB LEDs, and a piezo speaker.

It’s almost as compact as you can get a Gameboy-style game system. This device is all about 8-bit gaming and is easy to learn, so you could be making your own retro-inspired games in no time.

To learn more and preorder, head to the Arduboy website. You’ll find it an informative resource, with plenty of user guides and FAQs to help you get started playing and programming on the Arduboy FX. Costing just $54, the first preorder shipping batch has closed, but you can order now to get your device shipped in September 2021.