Amiga Addict #6 Takes You Back to Deluxe Paint

Amiga Addict #6

The latest issue of Amiga Addict is ready to preorder now, packed full of fascinating new articles. The print magazine, produced largely on Amigas, is now at its sixth issue, which is a tremendous landmark for any magazine project in this day and age.

Features this time include:

  • Cut, Copy, Paint! An in-depth look at Deluxe Paint and other Amiga art packages.
  • Big Box Amigas special with John “Chucky” Hertell.
  • New Amiga game Inviyya reviewed.
  • Amiga game movie licences feature.
  • Revision 2021 show report.
  • Perth usergroup feature.

As ever, there is much more than this to read, not least the news and letters pages. Amiga Addict is a must-have for any Amiga fan. What’s more, it deserves the support of the Amiga community.

Head to the Amiga Addict shop to order your copy, which won’t ship before June 28th.