Atari 2600 Empire Strikes Back Out on the C64 Today

Atari 2600 Empire Strikes Back Out on the C64 Today

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

Forget Lego, forget Kenobi, forget LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Empire Strikes Back on the C64 is the big event this May the Fourth, with the heavily teased remake from Megastyle Games now available to download!

Available in D64, PRG, and TAP formats, the Empire Strikes Back remake on the Megastyle Games page.

As you may recall, the C64 version of Empire Strikes Back was a vector-based conversion of the old Star Wars arcade cabinet. On the Atari 2600, however, console fans were given the arguably superior game from Parker Bros. We previewed development on Megastyle Games’ Empire Strikes Back conversion some months ago, and May 4th 2022 is the day it is finally ready to play!

40 years after the Atari and Intellivision games were released, Megastyle is now proud to present to you: The Commodore 64 fan version of the original Parker Brothers game “Empire Strikes Back”. We have tried to remake the Atari 2600 version into a Commodore 64 version, but also added our own touch to the game.

In this version you have to protect the rebels power generators from the walkers – just like in the original Parker Brothers game. But on a the Commodore 64 you will have to survive 8 levels and face new enemies not seen in the Atari version. We have added cut scenes between each level, and if you are good enough you will reach the end sequence!

We’re guessing this game has been ready to play for a little while now and has been held back for today to maximize publicity. Well, why the hell not!?

Don’t forget to head to Megastyle Games on to download Empire Strikes Back for the Commodore 64.

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