Celebrate Alien Breed’s 30th Birthday With Amiga Addict #9

Amiga Addict issue 9

The new issue of Amiga Addict is ready to order, and this month takes a look at legendary top-down shooter Alien Breed!

Released 30 years ago, the Team 17 classic has spawned an entire series of games across multiple platforms, including ports to mobiles. It all began on the Amiga, though, and this issue of Amiga Addict boasts a huge six-page feature with exclusive interviews with Team 17 veterans who worked on Alien Breed.

Also in Amiga Addict #9:

  • From Vultures To Vampires book review.
  • Paul Bridger (The Amiga Works Documentary) and Joe Decuir (original Amiga hardware designer) interviews.
  • A look at the inner workings of the Motorola 68000 processor.
  • Retrospective look Zero games magazine.
  • Athanor 2 full review, in-game map and interview with Eric “Atlantis” Safar!
  • New release of OS 2.35 for Commodore CDTV
  • Plus lots lots more..!

Issue 9 of Amiga Addict will be dispatched no sooner than November 29th, 2021. Go order your copy now from shop.amiga-addict.com/amiga-addict-magazine.