Commodore 64 Game Rogue64 Looks Great, Smashing Soundtrack

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Looking for a new Commodore 64 game? Rogue64 is a modern roguelike adventure worth checking out

Available from Bitmap Soft and developed by Badgerpunch, Rogue64 uses procedurally generated levels, making each game a unique experience. Tougher monsters and bigger challenges are presented as the game proceeds, ensuring this is a memorable gaming experience on retro hardware or emulated systems.

You are Zendar the explorer, looking for treasure and fame in the dungeons of Mordecoom! Rumour has it that there is a magic item at the bottom of the dungeon, and you want it! The only problem is that there are evil cave dwellers lurking in the dark, waiting to attack as you travel deeper and deeper into this cube-like tentacle terror maze. The dungeons of Mordecoom are waiting!

Rogue64 has been based on Rogue4k. This was a minimalist Rogue-ish game made for Bitmap Soft’s The C64 ‘Cassette 50’ Charity Competition, and just under 4000 bytes in size.

Rogue64 is available from Badgerpunch for $4.99 as a digital download. Head to Bitmap Soft, however, and you can order the deluxe cartridge box of Rogue64 for £35.00 which also features an instruction manual, stickers, and free gift. Note, however, that there is a delay on this option:

The success of Rogue 64 has taken us all by suprise, we thank you all for your amazing support, the original supply of carts has now soldout, we have taken the decision to stock more for this game but there will be a 3/4 week delay whilst we get more carts manufactured. So PLEASE only order if you can wait for your game to be shipped. We would hope to have the game to you by the end of February.

Rogue64 was developed by Ricki Sickenger with graphics and box design by Henning Ludvigsen and music and sound by Sami Louko.