Discovering Super Games World, Middlesbrough

Amiga CD32

Retro gaming stores seem to be on the increase. Yesterday I stumbled across  Super Games World on Newport Road in Middlesbrough.

Inside a standard single shop unit was an absolute cavalcade of retro gaming consoles, cartridges, discs, and more. NES, SNES, N64, Sega systems, even old PC games and rare hardware can be found on shelves and cabinets.

Encountering the store unplanned, and accompanied by my 10 year old son, two highlights specifically drew my attention.

First, a pair of arcade machines, each loaded with hundreds of titles, for 20p a credit. The boy and I played King of Fighters (one of the earlier titles in the series) until he eventually beat me.

Not a bad way to spend 40p!

From what I can tell, the shop has been there for some years now, although it was completely new to me. I don’t shop in Middlesbrough often, and while not exactly off the beaten track, I only discovered it by chance, accidentally passing the cafe I was supposed to be meeting my wife at. (She forgave me, eventually.)

I couldn’t begin to describe the size of the shop’s inventory. I’m sure there must be far more unseen in storage, as the shop is almost bursting at the seams. There’s even a PS4 demo system running in there for a more recent flavour of gaming.

For me, however, the highlight is an Amiga CD32. Priced at £349, this is the first such system I’ve seen in the flesh in 15 years. Yes, I was tempted, but time was short, the shop was busy, and there was no indication as to its general condition.

Even so, this is just one item of many thousands of games, consoles, and computers. New and old (Game & Watch The Legend of Zelda opposite old TV consoles with the games pre-loaded) sit side-by-side, and with so much to take in (a boxed Nintendo 64! Old Grandstand electronic handhelds!) I didn’t spot any GameCube titles, it’s fair to say that the experience was much like an avalanche of retro gaming. You’ll find plenty of Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch titles in there, too.

If you’re in North Yorkshire, Teesside, or South Durham, Super Games World is well worth a visit. With an inventory that should offer something for everyone, put aside at least 30 minutes for your visit – not to mention a few quid. The buy, sell, and trade – find out more on Super Games World’s Facebook page.