Amiga Addict Magazine Hits Double Figures!

Amiga Addict 10

Details of the latest Amiga Addict have been revealed, with the independently produced print magazine for Amiga users reaching issue 10!

This Winter 2021.2022 eedition features a massive seven-page feature on classic Amiga magazine festive editions. There is also a special feature looking at Cinemaware games on the Amiga, and reviews of modern joysticks.

I’m a big fan of this magazine, which successfully (in my view) revives the fun and slight anarchy of 1980s and 1990s computer magazines. That it is so wholly focused on the Amiga is wonderful. Of course, with a thriving community of users almost 30 years after it stopped production, Amiga Addict is always jam packed full of fasctinating features.

Amiga Addict #10 also includes:

  • Massive 7-Page feature on classic Amiga festive magazines (including Amiga Format, Amiga Action and The ONE Amiga)!
  • Bean Vs The Animator full game review.
  • Commodore Amiga: A Visual Compendium book review.
  • A look at the brand new up-coming documentary, Lemmings: Can You Dig It?
  • Amiga Cinemaware games special.
  • Flight of the Amazon Queen review.
  • Modern joystick roundup and reviews.
  • New Amiga Addict Antstream Arcade tournament details.
  • Interview with David Dunklee (creator of the Amiga 1000 Parceiro addon).
  • Tsunami Accelerator review.
  • Interview with creator of the popular Scorpion Engine Erik Hogon.
  • The Creative Revolution: Art Department Pro (ADPro).
  • Stoo Cambridge of Sensible Software.
  • Plus lots lots more..!

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