Doom 2 RPG Now Available For Free On PC

Doom 2 RPG Now Available For Free On PC

After over a decade of ios exclusivity, DOOM 2 RPG is now available on PC, and best of all, it’s free! DOOM and DOOM 2 are some of the most iconic first-person shooters in gaming history. These masterpieces have seen ports and remasters on just about every platform you can imagine and have survived the test of time. The series is beloved for its blend of fast, frenetic demon slaying, so it may come as a surprise that there are 2 turn-based RPGs based on the franchise.

What may come as an even bigger surprise is that the legendary John Carmack programmed the games.

DOOM RPG and DOOM 2 RPG were released exclusively on mobile in 2005 and 2010, respectively, offering a unique take on the universe. The iconic baddies, the face in the middle of the HUD, everything you’ve come to expect from the series is here. The only difference is it’s turn-based and has more of an emphasis on the story.

DOOM 2 RPG doesn’t do much to shake up its predecessor’s formula, but it’s a solid game and released to very positive reviews.

You can download DOOM 2 RPG from the Doomworld website. As this port is reverse-engineered from the mobile version, there are a few hoops to jump through during installation, but everything is explained in detail.

The PC port works with a controller and also has touchscreen support. If you’re a fan of this unique take on DOOM, Wolfenstein also got the turn-based RPG treatment. There’s no word on whether it will ever make its way to PC, but with both DOOM RPGs on the platform, only time will tell.

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