Evercade Announces Renovation Collection 1

Evercade Announces Renovation Collection 1

Last Updated on December 2, 2021

Evercade’s Renovation Collection 1 has been announced, a compilation of 12 games from Japanese publisher Telenet and US subsidiary Renovation.

Scheduled as the first release of 2022, collection 23 is jam-packed with 16-bit games. Most interestingly, the 12 titles were never released in Europe during their original run outside of the import market. The games are:

• Arcus Odyssey
• Beast Wrestler
• Dino Land
• El Viento
• Exile
• Final Zone
• Gaiares
• Granada
• Sol-Deace
• Traysia
• Valis: The Fantasm Soldier
• Valis 3

Founded in 1983, Telenet produced 8 and 16-bit titles with various internal development studios such as Wolf Team. Key Japanese gaming series such as Valis came from Telenet, with some distributed in the US under the Renovation label.

As such, these are incredibly rare games that would have set you back more than $1400 if purchased on their original release.. If you were to purchase the original version of these titles, complete in the box, it would set you back over $1400!

Evercade has polled its community to get an idea of the type of games that people want, and have found that many titles are shoot ’em ups and JRPGs, among other rare titles. Evercade’s Renovation Collection 1 certainly seems to fit the bill!

You can’t order Evercade’s Renovation Collection 1 just yet, however. Instead, you’ll have to wait until the launch of the Evercade VS in November 2021 before you can place an order.

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