Why Did Super Mario 64 Sell for $1.5m at Auction?

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An incredible auction of Nintendo memorabilia took place recently, with a pristine Super Mario 64 selling for $1.56 million. The big question is: why?

After all, a similarly-pristine copy of the game sold for just $13,200.

The Super Mario 64 cartridge was graded Wata with a 9.8 A++ rating. To compare, the lower sale price was for a 9.6 A++ copy.

So, is this a scam? Is it the real-life version of getting a friend to bid on your eBay auction to bump up the price? Or is it some form of marketing scam? Watch the video above, then see what YouTuber ReviewTechUSA thinks…

Heritage Auctions sold a sealed, almost pristine copy of Super Mario 64. Released back in 1995, it had been barely touched, thanks to it being retained in an anti-theft case. But if you think it genuinely went for over $1.5 million, we’ve got a bridge to sell you.