Evercade Confirms Atari Carts Are Being Retired

Evercade Confirms Atari Carts Are Being Retired

Last Updated on October 3, 2023

In news that will shock no one, Evercade Atari cartridges are entering their sunset phase. At the end of 2023, these carts will be considered legacy units, meaning that once existing stock has been exhausted, they will not be reproduced.

For anyone who has been paying attention to Atari’s recent resurgence, this will come as no surprise. Putting the Atari VCS aside, the legendary retro gaming giant has recently announced a new Atari 2600+ console, not to mention various team ups with other partners.

The Atari cartridges set for retirement are:

  • Atari Collection 1 (01)
  • Atari Collection 2 (05)
  • Atari Lynx Collection 1 (13)
  • Atari Lynx Collection 2 (14)
  • Atari Arcade 1 (A04)

The statement from Blaze Entertainment reads:

At the end of December 2023, our contract with Atari comes to an end. This has been an excellent partnership for Blaze Entertainment, including work pre-Evercade, and we’ve been very proud to bring these great games to you. A particular highlight for us was the first re-release of official Atari Lynx games with our cartridges, not only highlighting the strengths of the system but introducing it to many new retro gaming fans and whole new audiences that missed it the first time around.

With Atari now re-entering the retro gaming space, and Evercade having released as much of Atari’s available catalogue as we possibly could, it seems the best time to refocus our energies on new licenses across the 50 years of gaming our Evercade ecosystem covers.

We hope to bring more games from classic Atari systems in the future as well as more great licenses in 2024 and beyond.

You should be able to find these Evercade Atari carts available from Funstock, Amazon, and some branches of GAME (but not all).

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