All the Evercade EXP Hidden Games Unlock Codes

All the Evercade EXP Hidden Games Unlock Codes

Last Updated on October 27, 2023

How many Evercade EXP hidden games are there, and how do you unlock them?

You probably know that the Evercade EXP features 18 built-in Capcom titles and ships with a further six Irem games. But did you know that the handheld console also has some secret games built in?

Well, if you’ve held an Evercade EXP, you probably did. After all, there’s a portion of the home screen dedicated to unlocked games. But how many Evercade EXP hidden games are there, and how do you unlock them?

The 8 Evercade EXP hidden games

First off, these are the games hidden inside your Evercade EXP:

  • Gotris (SEGA Master System)
  • Space McRacey (NES)
  • Gribbly’s Day Out (C64)
  • Kubo 1 & Kubo 2 (NES)
  • Fairy Fire – Defender of the Fairies (PC)
  • Rogue64 (C64)
  • The Lost Mines (MSX)

The eagle-eyed among you (or at least those with an Evercade VS) will know that these titles are also hidden features on the Evercade VS.

Evercade EXP button combination secret games

Unlocking the games follows the same process on an Evercade EXP. First, ensure no cartridge is inserted and the empty cartridge screen is selected.

For NNNNNN, Gotris, and Spacey McRacey, use the console’s controller to unlock the titles:

  • Hold L1 + R1 + Up = NNNNNN
  • Hold down L2 + R2 + Select = Gotris
  • Press L1 + R1 + Down = Spacey McRacey
  • With no cartridge inserted, on the main screen press the Menu button 10 times = Fairy Fire – Defender of the Fairies

Evercade EXP secret code games

The other games, Gribbly’s Day Out and Kubo 1 and Kubo 2, require text input.

Click Settings > Secret then enter the codes:

  • GRIBBLYGROBBLY for Gribbly’s Day Out
  • SEIJIWASHERE for Kubo 1 and Kubo 2 (both games are unlocked)
  • stone unlocks Rogue64
  • blop unlocks The Lost Mines

Once unlocked, the games can all be accessed from the EXP > Hidden Games screen.

Other codes you can use on the Evercade EXP

Some other codes can be inputted in the Evercade EXP’s secret screen.

  • CIRCUIT displays a picture (we won’t spoil it)
  • DEADLOCK displays another picture
  • GUEST is a special message from Ben

You may know that the Evercade VS has dual cartridge slots, with additional games unlocked when specific cartridge combinations are used. This isn’t an option for the single-cart EXP, but it does make us wonder if other hidden features remain undiscovered. If anything else comes to light, we’ll add it to this page.

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