New GameCube Switch Controller from NYXI Defeats Drift

New GameCube Switch Controller from NYXI Defeats Drift

Last Updated on January 14, 2023

This is the GameCube Switch controller you’ve been waiting for.

A new non-drifting wireless controller for the Nintendo Switch has been introduced by NYXI, who pride themselves on “affordable, durable, and ultra-fashionable game controllers and gaming accessories”. The controller’s GameCube-inspired design has incorporated detachable joy-cons to complement the Switch’s functions.

The controller, known as the NYXI Wizard has Hall effect analogue sticks that will not cause drift. It has also a range of many other features including: illuminating “ABXY” buttons, the favoured gamepad for Super Smash Bros Ultimate and quieter and lighter ZR/ZL buttons with less resistance and shorter trigger distance.

Furthermore, it has removable joysticks and replaceable joystick rings, mapping and adjustable turbo, long-lasting performance, screenshot function and one-key wake up as well as an ergonomic non-slip design.

Sadly, they are currently out of stock on their both of their online stores and were selling for $69.99 or £57.22. Let’s hope they bring in new stock to those who still seek to purchase one!

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