Evercade Renovation Collection 1 Pre-orders Open for Early 2022 Release

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In an amazing December for retro gamers, the pre-orders for the Evercade Renovation Collection 1 cartridge will commence on December 15th, with releases intended in March 31st, 2022.

Featuring 12 games from Japanese publisher Telenet and its US subsidiary Renovation, collection number 23 will be the first cartridge for 2022.

None of the games were released in Europe during their original run, giving UK and EU gamers the first chance to enjoy non-imported physical versions of these 16-bit classics. the Evercade Renovation Collection 1 cartridge features:

• Arcus Odyssey
• Beast Wrestler
• Dino Land
• El Viento
• Exile
• Final Zone
• Granada
• Sol-Deace
• Traysia
• Valis: The Fantasm Soldier
• Valis 3

Developer Telenet was founded in 1983 and produced titles for 8 and 16-bit systems with internal studios such as Wolf Team. Some of the most famous and respected titles from the era came from Telenet, including the Valis series. Games were distributed in the USA under the Renovation label. The Evercade Renovation Collection 1 includes some incredibly rare titles; buying each one in the original physical form would cost over $1400.

Be ready to place your pre-order on December 17th via the Evercade website.