Watch the A500 Mini Keyboard Receive Laser Etched Keys

Watch the A500 Mini Keyboard Receive Laser Etched Keys

Last Updated on December 4, 2021

Want to see some laser etched keys on the A500 mini keyboard? Or perhaps you would prefer to see some injection molded cases come off the production line.

In a new production update on its Facebook page, Retro Games Ltd. has revealed a short film covering two key stages of the  manufacturing process for THEA500 mini. In it, you’ll see some newly molded cases for the micro Amiga 500 console and a close up of the laser etching process that creates characters on the keys.

While the A500 mini keyboard isn’t working, clearly the team behind the device aim to make it look as realistic as possible, despite the tiny dimensions. Announced earlier in 2021 as THEA500 mini, the device looks set to do for Amiga retro gaming what THEC64 did for Commodore 64 gaming in the 21st century.

We thought you might like to see some of the first plastics coming out of the machines, and some ‘keyboard’ plastics being laser etched at the factory!

(We can never get over ourselves, how cool the laser etching is!!)

So is it real, oh yes!

Is it in production for end of Q1 retailer delivery, oh yes!

Have we announced some cool games already so far, we think so!

Have you placed your pre-order to make sure you do 100% get one in the first half of 2022?

We suggest you do, as we don’t know yet due to obvious worldwide issues out of our hands, when, in 2022 more will be made, so the ONLY way to ensure you get one of THEA500 minis in the first half of 2022, is to pre-order now!

Planning to get your own mini Amiga console? Currently scheduled for a March 31st 2022 release, you can pre-order THEA500 mini from Amazon today.

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