Evercade Boasts a Bumper December for Retro Gamers


If you, like us, are patiently awaiting the arrival of an Evercade VS, worry not. There is much more going on this month from Evercade beyond the delayed release of a new console.

To begin with, there’s the opening of pre-orders for the Renovation Collection 1.

Scheduled as the first release of 2022, collection 23 is jam-packed with 16-bit games. Most interestingly, the 12 titles were never released in Europe during their original run outside of the import market. The games are:

• Arcus Odyssey
• Beast Wrestler
• Dino Land
• El Viento
• Exile
• Final Zone
• Gaiares
• Granada
• Sol-Deace
• Traysia
• Valis: The Fantasm Soldier
• Valis 3

In addition, December will see a new cartridge announced by Evercade.

Also coming in December is the release of cartridges 21 and 22, Intellivision Collection 1 and Bitmap Brothers Collection 1. For fans of arcades, the new range of four arcade cartridges, is also out in the UK and EU in December, with an amazing 37 titles between them.

While we know that not every retro gamer is on board with the Evercade, for those of us that are fans of the system, December 2021 is looking like being a bumper month!