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The whole ASCII retro gaming sub-genre is an acquired taste for many, but PETSCII Portal might just change that.

An ASCII version of Valve’s Portal but using Commodore PET characters, PETSCII Portal has recently been port(all)ed to the Commodore 64. The original PET version was a tribute to the 2007 Flash tribute to Portal, called Portal2D.

PETSCII Portal is a tribute to the Flash game Portal2d, which itself was a tribute to the Valve game Portal. Original PETSCII Portal written by Jim Orlando for the CBM PET. C64 PETSCII Portal port by Kornel Kolma.

You can grab a copy of PETSCII Portal from Jim Orlando’s page. His other PETSCII games can also be found there: PETSCII Defender, PETSCII Tower Defense, PETSCII Lode Runner, and PETSCII Lemmings.

Meanwhile, if you don’t fancy emulating a Commodore PET or C64, you can also play PETSCII Portal in your browser at C64 Online.