Evercade Sunsoft Collection 1 Details and Release Date

Evercade Sunsoft Collection 1 Details and Release Date

Last Updated on June 5, 2023

Full details of the Sunsoft Collection 1 have been announced, with the Evercade cartridge set for release later this year.

Bundling six classic games from the Japanese games publisher, which began releasing games in 1978 (and has recently announced a return to publishing), the collection will be available to pre-order on July 21st, 2023, ahead of a September 2023 release. The cartridge was announced as part of the first Evercade Showcase.

Sunsoft Collection 1 games

On the Sunsoft Collection 1 you will find the following games:

  • Aero The Acro-Bat: Sunsoft’s charming mascot platformer Aero the Acro-Bat comes to Evercade in style. Can you save the World of Amusement Circus and Funpark?
  • Arabian: Princess Leia (not that one) has been kidnapped by an evil army! In Arabian for Evercade, it’s your job as the Persian prince (not that one either) to save the day with the power of the magic pots.
  • Blaster Master: The classic 8-bit exploration platformer Blaster Master comes to Evercade. Jump in the futuristic Sophia III battle tank and strike back against the deadly mutant bosses!
  • Blaster Master Boy: In Blaster Master Boy for Evercade, you’ll leave the safety of Sophia III to once again take on the mutant bosses… and this time you’ve come armed with a plethora of heavy explosives!
  • Journey to Silius: Journey to Silius is an all-action run-and-gun for Evercade in which you take on the terrorists who have ruined a space colony. No enemy is too big for you and your arsenal of heavy weapons!
  • Mr. Gimmick!: This cult classic platformer was previously only released in Japan and Scandinavia. Now new fans all over the world can enjoy it on Evercade!

Most of these titles are single-player games, with the exception of Arabian, a two-player game.

Learn more about the Sunsoft Collection 1 cartridge and where to order it on its Evercade listing page.

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