Worms Board Game Coming to Kickstarter!

Worms Board Game Coming to Kickstarter!

Last Updated on June 5, 2023

Team17 has announced a Worms board game that will be launching on Kickstarter this summer.

Be ready to face a fusillade of holy hand grenades, exploding sheep, and rocket launchers that will obliterate kitchen, dining, and café tables across the globe, as Team17 Digital and Mantic Games have announced their collaboration to create Worms: The Board Game, marking the famous invertebrates’ debut in tabletop gaming.

Mantic Games boasts an impressive history of licensing and transforming beloved franchises into tabletop games, such as Hellboy, Mars Attacks, The Walking Dead, and new alliances that will soon emerge. The Kickstarter campaign for Worms: The Board Game will kick off in August 2023, and it is planned that the game will be released in retail stores in 2024, with the countdown to the Worms series’ 30th anniversary in 2025.

Michael Pattison, CEO, Team17 Digital, said: “The Worms brand has played a huge part in Team17 Digital’s success for nearly 30 years, and we’re really excited that our wriggly critters will be shortly battling away on tables around the world. We’ve worked closely with Mantic Games for some time to ensure the Worms experience is wholly encapsulated as a tabletop game, and we’re looking forward to the crowdfunding campaign starting in a few months’ time!”

Ronnie Renton, CEO, Mantic Games, said: “Worms: The Board Game is shaping up to offer all of the addictive, tactical gameplay and laugh-out-loud moments that you’d expect! We love the videogame series, and it’s an absolute joy to bring this feel-good experience to the tabletop for Worms fans everywhere to enjoy with their family and friends.”

Head to Kickstarter now to sign up for updates and campaign launch details.

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