Evercade VS Founder Edition Listed By Scalpers on eBay

Evercade VS Founder Edition

When you read “scalpers” you immediately think “PS5” or “Xbox Series”. But Evercade VS Founder Edition boxes are going for silly money on eBay

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a “scalpers” is someone who buys multiple units of desirable hardware – usually game consoles – to limit supply and inflate prices for their own benefit.

A cursory glance at the “Evercade VS Founder Edition” search term on eBay reveals a slew of hiked prices for the all-black, limited edition release of the retro home entertainment console.

The differences between the Evercade VS Founder Edition and Premium pack are probably partially to blame here (although Funstock offers a mega bundle), with the limited run boasting all four arcade cartridges and two standard releases. But black finish and steelbook cartridge case aside, there aren’t any significant differences. Sure, there is a certificate of authenticity, but this isn’t numbered.

There is no doubt very little that can be done about this. The Evercade VS Founder Edition has shipped to all of its pre-order market, with the various white and red VS consoles now available from the usual retro gaming stockists, online and offline. Perhaps the scalpers won’t get lucky, and find their consoles still up for sale into the New Year; perhaps they’ll sell at an inflated price and have a Merry Christmas.

It is difficult to make a definitive statement on this topic without bringing yourself down to their level. Let’s hope that whatever their reasons for buying up stock that others could have ordered, the Evercade VS Founder Edition scalpers are able to sleep soundly.