Evercade VS Preorders Open, Buy Yours Now!

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Quick reminder that Evercade VS preorders are now open! If you want to get yours in time for Christmas, today is a good time to hit the Buy button.

Evercade VS comes in three flavours:

  1. Starter Pack (£89.99): The basic VS console comes with a single controller and one game collection. The Technos Arcade 1 Cartridge features eight games, including Double Dragon II and Double Dragon III.
  2. Premium Pack (£109.99): If you want two player action, the Premium Pack adds an extra controller along with the Technos Arcade 1 and the Data East Arcade 1 carts.
  3. Founder Edition (£159.99): Available exclusively from Funstock games from May 27th, this collector’s edition is limited to 5000 units and comes in black. You can get your name in the credits of the Evercade VS operating system by choosing this edition.

If you order early, you’re more likely to have an Evercade VS console landing on your doormat on November 3rd, 2021. Head to the Evercade website to find the best retailers for their consoles and games near you.