Favourite Retro Game Consoles Revealed in Online Survey

Favourite Retro Game Consoles Revealed in Online Survey

Last Updated on June 7, 2021

Ever thought about what your top retro game console is? A recent online survey seeking to find the internet’s top consoles might be able to help.

TopRatedCasinos.co.uk investigated which game consoles are considered favourites, relying on social networks to gauge interest in devices. Researchers looked for mentions of Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft consoles across Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, and TikTok. Popularity points were then assigned to indicate popularity.

How the Survey Worked

After compiling the list of devices, researchers created a list of naming variations (e.g. ‘playstation1’, ‘playstationone’, ‘ps1’, ‘psone’, etc.). These were compared on Instagram using its hashtag feature, and the results recorded. Similarly, they were checked on TikTok to find the number of times videos with those hashtags were watched; each variation mentioned in the r/Gaming and r/Games subreddits was also counted. On YouTube, videos were counted if they featured the console, information about it, or came from an official account.

Finally, data was assigned a score of 0-25, while consoles were given a score out of 100 to establish their social popularity overall.

While the Xbox One (2nd) and Series S|X and PlayStation 4 (1st) and PlayStation 5 unsurprisingly did well, a few retro systems also made their presence felt in the survey.,

The PlayStation 3, for example, was the third most tagged console on Instagram,and the second most talked about console on Reddit with 574,572 mentions. 

Survey Results

As you can see, Nintendo’s 21st century systems did surprisingly well in the research, with retro game consoles such as the Wii and Wii U scoring well.

Playstation 1140880017350000022213961524758
Playstation 2201410048349960031476432786690
Playstation 3935880036250229357457215748871
Playstation 4413805002010297190095148688204527
Playstation 544011001230232430015792095483124
Playstation Classic50200257875742697623364
NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)200800015170000016223840015654
Nintendo 64876000441000002046514267577
Nintendo gamecube9860001065000001562839679757
Nintendo Wii1798000185470000052937113370900
Nintendo Wii U1548000137020000026025946270435
Nintendo Switch7200000170000000083435158377343
Nintendo DS201760016740000019276410146516
Nintendo 3DS29560001530000025488915103728
Nintendo 2DS248400112792001904117687816
Xbox (Original)199007698016892515767028
Xbox 360440200047363040020907518582898
Xbox One22067300202143490053784853134485
Xbox Series X/S2151900116190000016287045295075

The scores above were converted into more readable points, providing researchers with a score out of 25:

InstagramTikTokRedditYouTubeSocial Popularity Points
Playstation 425252522.597.5
Xbox One23.7522.522.518.7587.5
Playstation 518.7523.751023.7576.25
Nintendo Switch21.2518.756.252571.25
Playstation 322.512.523.758.7567.5
Nintendo Wii U8.7517.518.7517.562.5
Playstation 212.5152013.7561.25
Xbox 3602013.751512.561.25
Xbox Series X/S1516.2512.516.2560
Playstation 17.511.2516.252055
Nintendo Wii102021.253.7555
NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)11.258.7511.251546.25
Nintendo 3DS17.53.7517.56.2545
Nintendo DS13.751013.752.540
Nintendo gamecube56.258.751.2521.25
Nintendo 2DS2.52.51.2511.2517.5
Nintendo 643.7552.5516.25
Xbox (Original)003.751013.75
Playstation Classic01.25001.25

As you can see above, the score for the Nintendo Wii U is particularly surprising, perhaps underlining how much it is admired by Nintendo die hards. Its current role as the must have homebrew platform for Nintendo users probably has some impact on this.

Take a look at the tables above. Did you spot any surprises?

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