Rare Mrs. Dynamite Game Preserved in MAME 0.232

Rare Mrs. Dynamite Game Preserved in MAME 0.232

MAME 0.232 is now available, with the new version featuring the Mrs Dynamite game.

This is a strange one. Pac-Man clone Mrs. Dynamite was apparently only available in certain locations in the 1980s, but poor records from the era don’t really tell the story. Whatever the case, Mrs. Dynamite was not given a wide release.

The reason it’s strange is that I’m certain I’ve come across a Mrs. Dynamite cabinet (perhaps just the cab, without a working game) at some point over the past 35 years or so. My part of the world was long a backwater for abandoned and forgotten arcade machines, but of course without realising at the time…

Mrs. Dynamite can be seen in action in the video above, where you’re guided through this piece of gaming history by David Haywood.

Mrs. Dynamite is an incredibly rare Universal game from 1982, it was recently discovered and then added to MAME by Frank Palazzolo. It will be supported in MAME 0.232. This is possibly a prototype as while flyers exist (even one showing a different looking Japanese version of the game) there is no record of it actually being release. The dumped version was found in the US, so is presumably the version that was either being tested there, or released there in small quantities.

For more information about MAME 0.232, click the link below.


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