Funstock Announces Evercade Collectors Bundle, Big News to Come

Evercade 2nd Anniversary Bundle

On May 31st it is two years since the Evercade was announced. To celebrate, Funstock has announced the immese Evercade Anniversary Bundle, with all the games you need, controllers, and Evercades!

Costing £549.99 from Funstock, you would spend £100 more if you bought the contents individually. The Evercade Anniversary Bundle consists:

  • 28x Evercade Cartridges
  • 2x Wired VS Controllers
  • Evercade VS Premium Pack
  • Evercade Handheld Premium Edition

Here’s how it was announced on Twitter:

That’s a pretty awesome kit that features the following cartridge collections:

01 Technos Arcade 111 Xeno Crisis and Tanglewood Dual Game
02 Data East Arcade 112 The Oliver Twins Collection 1
03 Gaelco Arcade 113 Atari Lynx Collection 1
04 Atari Arcade 114 Atari Lynx Collection 2
01 Atari Collection 115 Jaleco Collection 1
02 Namco Museum Collection 116 Piko Interactive Collection 2
03 Data East Collection 117 Indie Heroes Collection 1
04 Interplay Collection 118 Worms Collection 1
05 Atari Collection 219 Codemasters Collection 1
06 Namco Museum Collection 220 Mega Cat Studios Collection 2
07 Interplay Collection 221 Intellivision Collection 1
08 Mega Cat Studios Collection 122 Bitmap Brothers Collection 1
09 Piko Interactive Collection 123 Renovation Collection 1
10 Technos Collection 124 Gremlin Collection 1

That is every single Evercade game collection and all the hardware you need to play them. It’s an awesome bundle ideal for anyone who feels they’ve missed the boat with the Evercade. You can order your Evercade Anniversary Bundle direct from Funstock.

But what about Evercade fans who have all the gear and games already?

The Jaleco and Gaelco Arcade Bundle

In addition, Funstock has announced the all-in-one Jaleco and Gaelco Arcade Bundle, which features both upcoming arcade collections plus an Evercade Cadey T-Shirt!

Announced on April 29th, the Jaleco Arcade 1 collection features:

  • Rod Land
  • The Astyanax
  • Saint Dragon
  • 64th Street: A Detective Story
  • E.D.F. Earth Defence Force
  • Avenging Spirit
  • CyBattler
  • P-47: The Phantom Fighter

Following the successful Gaelco Arcade 1, the Gaelco Arcade 2 collection contents are:

  • Big Karnak
  • Maniac Square
  • Squash
  • TH Strikes Back: Thunder Hoop 2
  • Touch and Go
  • World Rally 2

This collection retails for £10 more than the £45.97 price, so it is worth pre-ordering the Jaleco and Gaelco Arcade Bundle now in time for the July release.

But what could the new Evercade news be?