Funstock Unveils Exclusive Evercade Purple Edition

Funstock Unveils Exclusive Evercade Purple Edition

Last Updated on November 24, 2021

In a shock announcement, a new Evercade console has been announced. Exclusive to Funstock, the Evercade Purple Edition is a limited edition version of the original handheld model.

Just 1000 of the “galaxy purple” devices have been made, with a 20% off price running until December 1st, 2021. At the time of writing, over 50% of the Evercade Purple Edition consoles have been sold, which would suggest that no one will pay the full £99 price.

Fancy grabbing the Evercade Purple Edition for £79.99? You’ll get:

  • Limited Edition purple Evercade console
  • USB charging cable
  • Certificate of authenticity card
  • 3x big vinyl stickers

System specs for the Evercade Purple Edition match the original. It runs 8-bit and 16-bit retro games, stored on cartridges. Each cart comes with between 6 and 20 titles, along with dedicated storage for save game states.

The Evercade Purple Edition also has HDMI connectivity with up-scaled HD graphics, while the device display is 4.3″, the same size as a PSP. This can be switched between 4:3 and 16:9 ratios, letting you play “as you remember” or with a modern full-screen experience.

Finally, the Evercade Purple Edition has a 4-5 hour battery life.

Better still, the Evercade handheld can be used as an additional controller for the Evercade VS. This is a great way to grab a limited edition piece of kit, in stunning purple, and support the Evercade’s march to retro gaming supremacy.

Grab your Evercade Purple Edition handheld from Funstock while stocks last and it still has a Black Friday discount!

Evercade VS Founder’s Edition Update

In the same announcement, Funstock – the primary stockist of Evercade devices in the UK – has revealed that the first batch of Evercade VS Founders Edition devices have arrived in the UK, with the first batch being shipped by the end of November.

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