GamesMaster: The Oral History Update, 2.5x Longer Than Planned

GamesMaster: The Oral History

Backers of the GamesMaster book, GamesMaster: The Oral History, have received an intriguing update in the past few days.

While printing PDFs have been issued to the printer, with a “late August” target for delivery to the publisher’s warehouse in the UK, backers have been blessed with a bonus chapter from editor Jack Templeton and the show’s original host, Dominik Diamond.

The reason? The 40,000 word book came in at 100,000 words, with interesting peripheral details ultimately but from the finished title. The chapter concerns When Games Attack, explained in the email update as follows:

Comprised of new interviews, old source material and expertly guided, of course, by Dominik, this novella tells the story of the production of When Games Attack – a series that came some six years after the end of GamesMaster, reuniting Dominik with a number of the key creative team.

We’ve packaged up all these cuts into something that should be treated – to use the words of its press release – as “the equivalent of the ‘making of’ featurettes you get on today’s top DVD movie discs”.

Meanwhile, the email also encourages backers to follow Dominik Diamond’s substack, “Dominik’s Little Old Purple Column.” Here’s a sample:

It’s all a bit weird and confusing and unfriendly and a bit humourless out there, isn’t it?

Gaming is about two huge great sections now:

eSports and streaming. And neither of them connect with me at all. Or you, I suspect. Which is ironic, seeing as we basically invented eSports on gamesmaster and none of those DOTA playing fucks even give us a farthing commission.

Dominik Diamond

So, yeah, you should definitely subscribe to that.

Meanwhile, you can still pre-order GamesMaster: The Oral History on Kickstarter.