Golden Axe Clone Tecmo Knight Joins Arcade Archives

Golden Axe Clone Tecmo Knight Joins Arcade Archives

Last Updated on May 4, 2023

This one passed me by back in the day – if I’ve ever seen Tecmo Knight, I probably just assumed it was Golden Axe.

After all, the visuals are very similar, but while Golden Axe remains a warm memory for many, Tecmo Knight (1989) seems to have been forgotten. Which is why you might want to check it out on Nintendo Switch or Sony PlayStation 4 thanks to the Arcade Archives, which has faithfully reproduced the game while providing adjustable difficulty settings and arcade-authentic display options.

“TECMO KNIGHT” is an action game released by TECMO in 1989.
Take control of two demon messengers who are determined to face fire-breathing beasts, shaking ground, and demon-inhabited wastelands, and face the cursed battles that unfold furiously.

A one or two player game in the vein of Golden Axe (just check out those bosses!) you can find Tecmo Knight on the Nintendo eShop (£6.29) and the Sony PlayStation Store (£5.79).

Find out more on Hamster’s Arcade Archives website.

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