New SEGA Genesis Game Go For It! Coming Soon

New SEGA Genesis Game Go For It! Coming Soon

New SEGA Genesis game Go For It! is set to be available on Genesis and Mega Drive in 2023.

A new 16-bit fighting game is making its way to the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis and its gearing up to be an exciting one for retro and modern gamers alike.

Game developer I Heart Pizza based in Fort-Wayne announced their most recent project last month, with the title of their upcoming game called Go For It! Company owner John Springer has continuously teased this project previously and was ready to share even more on the company’s Twitter, amping it up and mentioning the ability to play it in “some modern formats”.

Springer detailed more about the gaming and the inspiration behind it in another video:

“It takes a lot of nerve to try and create an all-time classic fighting game. That’s exactly what we’re going to do. And you know why, because when I was a kid, I grew up with the Sega Genesis. I never fit in, but that console brought me joy through my hardest times when I was lonely, when I stage 4 beat cancer, and I want to pay that forward and introduce a whole new generation locally and beyond to my favourite gaming console of all time. I love Fort Wayne. I love the Sega Genesis. I heart pizza. And we’re gonna go for it. We’re gonna go for it. We’re gonna GO FOR IT!”

Despite there being no exact release date, the company are hoping to release it some time in 2023 as mentioned in their tweet. However, quote tweet response they explained the following:

“Not yet, but we’re beyond excited for people to play the game! It’s our first release, and while it’s about 70% finished, we really want to make the best first impression that we can. Going to take as much time as needed to get things right!”

Springer looks to be putting a lot of heart into his first game. Now we can look forward to further updates and imagine the day we can play this while munching on some pizza, just as Springer might hope we would do!

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