Half-Pint Turns Half-Life into an Escape Room Challenge

Half-Pint Turns Half-Life into an Escape Room Challenge

TWHL Tower 2 is a new Half-Life mod that compresses 12.5 hours of gameplay from the original game into a series of escape room challenges. It’s a complete revision of the whole concept of the 1998 game that nevertheless looks superb.

A follow-up to the collaborative mod TWHL Tower from 2016, TWHL Tower 2 features a map from The Whole Half-Life site. Each floor of the map has a very small footprint with its own unique style. Simply fight/puzzle/sneak down from the roof, then escape when you reach the ground floor.

Half-Pint is by modder MrFloyd, and sees the entire game squeezed into a single level of the TWHL Tower 2 building.

Highlights include the resonance chamber as a small room off the lobby, and a shorter monorail ride into Black Mesa. Along the way, you’ll complete a number of challenges across the virtual panic room experience.

As you may already know, Half-Life has a number of mods available. These revise gameplay in an almost infinite number of ways, and TWHL Tower 2 is just one of many. Head to Mod DB to download the TWHL Tower 2 for Half-Life.

(Via PC Gamer)

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