Analogue Duo Console Looks Amazing, Revives PC Engine Platform

Analogue Duo Console Looks Amazing, Revives PC Engine Platform

The Analogue Duo is a new take on the NEC PC Engine, complete with support for its key variants. Having failed to make inroads in the west against the dominance of Sega and Nintendo, PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 and its CD-ROM expansions are largely unheard of outside of the retro community.

While that seems unlikely to change, the Analogue Duo is a stunning reinterpretation that at the very least looks beautiful. Importantly, this is a device that has been designed to play games from the original media, rather than emulate a PC Engine environment.

Analogue describes the console as follows:

Duo is the ultimate all-in-one NEC video game system. Duo features an original-style cartridge slot, controller port and CD-ROM drive. This means it is compatible with all game formats: Hucards, TurboChips, and CD-ROM. Plus the original hardware and accessories.

Also included is Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz wireless, along with support for wireless and wired controllers.

Two colorways, USA and Japan, are available for the Analogue Duo, which uses FPGA and outputs video at 1080p. Given the original PC Engine had a maximum resolution of 565×242, this is quite an upgrade. The custom design of the ambition for upscaled output will make the Analogue Duo a very desirable purchase for PC Engine fans.

Limited quantities of the $199 Analogue Duo, which launches in 2021, will be available.

Full Analogue Duo Console Specification


  • Region Free
  • Worldwide Compatibility (PSU: 50-60hz, 100-240 volts)


  • HDMI 1080p/720p/480p
  • NTSC & PAL Support
  • Lag free, zero signal degradation


  • 48KHz 16 bit
  • Digital audio via HDMI
  • Headphone jack, 3.5mm with volume wheel

Special Features

  • Original-style hucard/turbochip cartridge slot
  • Original-style PC Engine controller port
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 2x USB for wired controllers and accessories
  • SD card firmware updating [via Duo’s SD card slot]
  • Bluetooth, 2.4g and 2 USB inputs
  • Supports Analogue DAC

Other Features

  • Scanline options
  • Scaler options
  • Horizontal position adjust
  • Horizontal stretch
  • Vertical position stretch
  • & more

8BitDo TG16 Gamepad w/ 2.4g wireless receiver

  • 20hr Battery Life
  • Auto sleep mode after 15min
  • Lag free
  • Includes 2.4g wireless receiver (not required for use with Duo)

Duo Dimensions

  • 177mm length
  • 267mm wide
  • 34.7mm high

The intention of the Analogue Duo is that all PC Engine games can be played on a modern TV, and look amazing. Interested? Head to the website to register your interest.

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