Halloween Hack for Super Mario Bros on the NES

Halloween Hack for Super Mario Bros on the NES

Last Updated on October 19, 2022

Prepare for a spooky surprise from the world of Mario this Halloween as Kizoku has released a Halloween variation of the original Super Mario Bros game.

This Rom hack features a recolouring of the general levels for a more spooky vibe as well as re-skins for many of the sprites.

Instead of a mushroom you will be picking up a pumpkin and instead of a Goomba you will be stomping a ghost.

This released on October 11th and is available now and just in time for Halloween if that is how you want to spend it.

This trailer displays the first seven levels of the game, showing the noticeably differences in the aesthetic and layout of the levels.

Kizuku, the developer states it “was a personal project developed for fun years ago” and only now has submitted it.

The game looks stylish, brushed up and it is a great little addition to the many variations of the original Super Mario Bros game that fans can not get enough of.

It is crazy to think the game that released originally in 1985 would have so many redeveloped versions, so many years later but here we are and we are not complaining!

Overall, it is a well worked project that deserves its plaudits and has released at a perfect time for Halloween 2022.

You can download this Rom hack via Romhacking.net or directly through this link.

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