Unreleased “never-digitised” NES Games Listed on eBay

Unreleased “never-digitised” NES Games Listed on eBay

Last Updated on October 14, 2022

There are currently two original NES games for sale on eBay that have not been seen in decades.

The first of these exclusive items is the game Battlefields of Napoleon originally released in 1988 for the Family Computer.

Its release on NES was planned but eventually cancelled and North America did not get to see this real time tactics strategy game come to light.

Frank Cifaldi, founder of GameHistory.org was one of the first to bring attention to the auctions via Twitter.

He would be interested in preserving these items but admitted “it’s been kind of a rough year” and his charity aren’t able to properly fund the bidding for these pieces.

He is on the search for pledges for these games in the hopes of winning the auctions.

He states that using the files the games come with, they “can make perfect digital versions.”

This would mean many more could have access to this previously exclusive game if this were to happen.

The auction bid currently sits at a bid of $10,000,as time of writing, with Cifaldi having claimed to have raised over $4,000 when initially asking for public funding so we will see whether he will be successful in claiming this.

The second NES game is simply labeled as “CES Sample” and is created by developer Rare.

Rare are well known for their creation of NES and SNES games such as Donkey Kong Country and Goldeneye 007.

This game is supposedly a demo and specifically for the Power Glove controller accessory.

Make sure to see how much these are sold for when the auction ends in approximately three days time!


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