ININ and Factor 5 Release Turrican Anthology Vol. I & II, Out Now!

Turrican Anthology Vol. I & II

If you missed out on Turrican Flashback, or the anthology collection, worry not as developer Factor 5 has teamed up with ININ for another collection, Turrican Anthology Volume 1 and 2!

Digitally available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, it’s time to relive (or experience for the first time!) a collection of the best retro platform shooters ever, complete with the memorable Chris Huelsbeck soundtrack.

The two volumes comprise 10 Turrican games from the Amiga, SNES, and Genesis/Mega Drive era. (Sadly there is no sign of the programming marvel that was the C64 release, which single-handedly changed expectations of what could be expected from the 8-bit system.) A ground-breaking video game series that wouldn’t have been out of place in your local arcades, Turrican remains hugely memorable for everyone who played it.

Turrican Anthology Vol. I

In the first collection, you’ll find:

  • Turrican (Amiga)
  • Turrican II (Amiga)
  • Super Turrican (SNES)
  • Super Turrican Director’s Cut (SNES)
  • Mega Turrican Score Attack (Genesis/Mega Drive)

Turrican Anthology Vol. I & II

Turrican Anthology Vol. II

The second collection includes:

  • Turrican 3 (Amiga)
  • Mega Turrican (Genesis/Mega Drive)
  • Mega Turrican Director’s Cut (Genesis/Mega Drive)
  • Super Turrican 2 (SNES)
  • Super Turrican Score Attack (SNES)

If you bought Turrican Flashback, you’ll already have noticed how much larger this collection is. That featured just four games, but here you get TEN!

New content in Turrican Anthology Vol I & Vol II

As if that wasn’t enough, the anthology collections contain a ton of additional Turrican content.

Both Anthologies also include a variety of newly added content:

  • A map feature allowing you to scan the whole map  
  • The ability to turn different map layers on and off 
  • Various enhancements on the original map like real-time and overlay maps 
  • Different soundtracks to choose from: emulated, original remastered by Chris Huelsbeck himself or Turrican Soundtrack Anthology music 
  • The option to choose either Amiga, Console or modern controls 
  • Unlockable cheats 
  • Jukebox for each game + Bonus Jukebox 
  • A gallery with never-seen-before concept art 
  • Manual scans for all games 
  • Improved rewind support 
  • Selectable covers for each game 

You can find Turrican Anthology Volume I and Turrican Anthology Volume II as digital downloads on the Switch store. You’ll also find Turrican Anthology Volume I and Turrican Anthology Volume II ready to buy on the PlayStation Store.