Lost Czech ZX Spectrum Game Regulus Uncovered

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Most of our knowledge of retro games concerns mainstream releases and big name titles. Whether ZX Spectrum games or BBC or C64, or 8-bit consoles, there is generally a sort of folk memory of the title, good or bad.

The same is probably true in eastern Europe, but that folk memory of old games is very different. While hardware could be bought on the black market behind the Iron Curtain of the old Communist Soviet era, it was mostly cloned – as were many of the games.

One such example has recently been revived. Regulus isn’t quite a clone of Savage, but you can certainly see the connection. Believed to hail from the late 1980s, the game was released by the (then) Czechozlovakian Proxima team.

A great looking Savage inspired game from Proxima has surfaced. The game is probably from somewhere in late 80s – start 90s when Proxima were active.

You can download Regulus for your Spectrum emulation, revived or original hardware, and it is playable with OPQAM, Kempston, and Sinclair joysticks.