Insane Commodore 64 Handheld Requires Original C64 Chips

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Ever fancied taking your C64 with you? Forget the old portable model – this Commodore 64 handheld is truly remarkable. Handheld64 is available to order now.

The brains behind Loop64 have conceived and released a collection of boards that can be assembled as a handheld Commodore 64. It’s compact, features a D-Pad and buttons, as well as a keyboard. Most importantly, however, it won’t run without key components from an original C64.

That’s right – these custom PCBs have been designed to accept genuine chips. Your Commodore 64 handheld could genuinely be the actual C64 you played with as a kid. Game ROMs can be loaded up via the cartridge slot, and there’s even a port to hook up a Raspberry Pi Zero and configure it as a 1541 disk drive with the Pi1541 emulator.

Incredibly, the Handheld64 is listed for just €29.90 at Uni64. And if you don’t want to steal the chips from your old C64, it might be worth heading out to the local thift store, charity shop, or carboot sale…