Iron Meat, the 16-Bit Pixel Run-and-Gun Out in October

Iron Meat, the 16-Bit Pixel Run-and-Gun Out in October

Last Updated on May 30, 2023

Iron Meat, a run-and-gun arcade shooter from Retroware (known for publishing Toxic Crusaders and Prison City), throws players into a post-apocalyptic future where “The Meat,” a mass of iron-hungry entities, mutates everything in its path.

Journey through retro-inspired levels and confront bosses to uncover the shocking secrets behind experiments on the Moon. The newly released demo and trailer on Steam feature hand-drawn, 2D animation.

Enter the battlefield against The Meat, a deadly force propagated by the infamous xenobiologist Yuri Markov. While his intentions remain unclear, we know The Meat has infiltrated three sectors: a Train overrun by the creatures, a City set ablaze, and a new Forest zone.

As you progress through the treacherous levels, discover powerful weapons and passive abilities to aid in the fight against this ravenous enemy. But remain vigilant as danger awaits around every corner. Expect to encounter multiple “boss” class hosts, notoriously difficult targets that have already claimed multiple battalions.

It’s up to you to neutralize these threats and prepare for the larger plan of attack that’s coming soon! Iron Meat is out on October 17th, 2023, and can be pre-ordered on Steam now.

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