Pixel Addict #12 Is Preserving Digital Culture

Pixel Addict #12 Is Preserving Digital Culture

Last Updated on May 30, 2023

One of the best magazines for retro computing right now, Pixel Addict is about to hit its 12th issue, and this time focuses on digital preservation.

This month’s cover feature is dedicated to the people who preserver old media, from punch cards and magazines to floppy disks and manuals. Elsewhere, there is a look at the latest ZX Spectrum games, a profile of the Philips VG5000, and the second part of a look at the Acorn BBC Micro.

Pixel Addict 12

This magazine is genuinely bursting at the seams. Here is the full list of features in Pixel Addict #12:

  • Preserving Digital Culture. Our cover story this month pays homage to the members of our vintage computing and retro gaming community who painstakingly archive physical media such as punch cards, floppy disks, magazines and manuals. We feature exclusive interview guests including Jason Scott (Internet Archive), Andy Spencer (Retro Computer Museum), Alex Crowley (Arcade Archive), Keir Fraser (FlashFloppy) and Dan Farrimond (Teletext artist) who provide extraordinary insights into the monumental efforts made to maintain classic hardware, software and video games for future generations.
  • House Of The Dead movie and game franchises.
  • Acorn BBC Micro in 2023 & Beyond! (Part 2).
  • Rare computer hardware, including the Philips VG5000.
  • Early Microsoft Windows vs IBM’s OS/2 operating system histories.
  • Amstrad’s luggable DOS computer: The PPC512.
  • Wakefield RISC OS event show report in celebration of Acorn’s 40th birthday!
  • A scanning guide with a difference, using CZUR’s ET16 Plus to digitally preserve bulky binders and software packaging!
  • Stunts/4D Driving game retrospective.
  • Rush Rush Rally Reloaded (Special Edition) modern retro game release for Sega Dreamcast.
  • The latest games for the ZX Spectrum.
  • Ever considered what the most impressive Sega Master System games are? If so, check out our round-up this issue!
  • Tonka’s Super Naturals toy and action figure history.
  • Shows and events news, including a report from OLL 2023.
  • We speak to Adrian of the popular Adrian’s Digital Basement YouTube channel about his passion for collecting old computers and vintage tech.
  • Regulars such as News, Homebrew Heroes, readers’ points of view and ex-Ocean Software’s Simon Butler.
  • Plus lots lots more..!

Available to pre-order now, you’ll find Pixel Addict is also available in branches of WHSmith. Don’t miss it!

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