KOTOR 2’s Cut Content to Be Released as DLC Later This Year?

KOTOR 2’s Cut Content to Be Released as DLC Later This Year?

Last Updated on June 18, 2022

If you’re still not sure whether to splash the cash on the KOTOR 2 re-release on Nintendo Switch, this news might convince you: it seems that DLC is set to be released for the game.

But wait, what? Downloadable content for a 20 year old game? Have the team at Aspyr (who have been given the task of repackaging Obsidian’s sequel to their own game) made new levels and missions and rehired old voice actors?

That seems unlikely. What seems more likely, however, is that Aspyr is reinstating material cut from the original KOTOR 2 release. Originally slated to hit shelves in 2005, the game was moved forward to 2004, which resulted in various missions and even complete worlds being dropped from the game.

Does this DLC, therefore, describe those lost levels? It certainly seems that way, which is pretty exciting. There is also the possibility that the DLC could relate to content from Knights of the Old Republic III, a game that was in development for a time.

Whatever the case (whether both, all, or something completely new) we’ll find out later in the year.

You can buy KOTOR 2 in the Nintendo Store now, both standalone and in a double pack with the original KOTOR.

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