The Ultimate DOOM Port: into a Sega Naomi Arcade Machine

The Ultimate DOOM Port: into a Sega Naomi Arcade Machine

Last Updated on June 18, 2022

You just can’t keep DOOM down. It will, it seems, port to almost anything. The latest platform? A Sega Naomi arcade machine.

So, DOOM is alongside some great games. Having said that, if I’d walked into an arcade 20-odd years ago and stumbled across a DOOM cabinet, you’d have had to physically remove me at closing time… What might have been, eh?

With the heavy lifting done by @dragonminded and building on an existing framebuffer port by Kristoffer Andersen, this version of DOOM is now available to play.

An acronym of “New Arcade Operation Machine Idea” the Sega Naomi was released in 1998 for arcade developers, succeeding the Sega Model 3. Among the games that ran on the Sega Naomi hardware are Ikaruga, Virtua Fighter 4, and various others.

Having said that, as impressive as this achievement is, it is more of a logical step. After all, DOOM has already been ported to the Sega Dreamcast console, and the Sega Naomi architecture is similar to the Dreamcast.

But that shouldn’t distract from the achievement of DOOM‘s new home.

If you have a Sega Naomi cabinet, you can grab the DOOM for Sega Naomi from GitHub, which ships with the usual shareware WAD files.

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