Lakka OS 4.3 Available, Here’s What’s New

Lakka OS 4.3 Available, Here’s What’s New

Last Updated on January 26, 2023

Version 4.3 of Lakka OS has been issued, bringing key improvements to the increasingly popular retro gaming operating system.

Of particular interest in this release is added support for Orange Pi 4, and a new core for Amiga (puae2021). There is also added support for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.

The main list of changes in Lakka 4.3:

  • RetroArch updated to 1.14.0
  • Cores updated to their most recent versions
    • fake-08: added new libretro core (Pico-8)
    • mojozork: added new libretro core (Z-Machine)
    • puae2021: added new libretro core (Amiga, less demanding version of the core)
  • Mesa updated to 22.1.7
  • Added image for Orange Pi 4 LTS (Rockchip RK3399)
  • Added support for more Nintendo Switch variants (Hekate 6.0.1+ is required, on Nintento Switch Lite use touchscreen to change the default input device: Settings → Input → Port 1 Controls → Device Index → top most item)
  • Updated Linux kernel
    • mainline: 5.10.123
    • raspberry: 5.10.110
    • amlogic: 5.11.22

Learn more and grab the latest version from

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