LEGO Donkey Kong Project Nearing Next Stage of Approval

LEGO Donkey Kong Project Nearing Next Stage of Approval

Could a LEGO Donkey Kong project follow Sonic and Super Mario Bros. onto the shelves of adults who should know better?

In the wonderful world of LEGO, it feels like anything is possible with colourful blocks and a creative imagination. This has inspired many fan creations and ideas by Lego Ideas creators. With Super Mario officially making it in the LEGO spotlight, it’s no surprise to see Nintendo fans push for other video games to make an appearance.

One such Lego Ideas user, “By If You Build It” shared a Donkey-Kong set, based on the 1981 hit arcade game. Featuring DK himself and Pauline with its classic pixelated score board and colourful platforms it looks almost like the real deal. Weirdly, Jumpman is nowhere in sight in this design. It’s halfway to expert review with 5,000 supporters, only needing double this amount to hit 10K and be considered as a potential official LEGO release. It has just over a year to receive its final votes before submission expiry.


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The creator has stated the following regarding their decision to reimagine DK for LEGO:

“Donkey Kong has been an iconic video game character for over 40 years. This set contains 800 pieces, Donkey Kong and one minifigure. Two of my happiest childhood memories are LEGO and going to the arcade. These are the main reasons I built this model, combining them together to create this Donkey Kong project. I’m sure you will agree, this would be a great LEGO set to own for many nostalgic adults.”

Similarly, there have been popular votes and creations for The Legend of Zelda themed sets from Breath of the Wild and Ocarina of Time with the Temple of Time set receiving its 10K expert review mark just last month. However, the Deku Tree set has run into some copyright strikes. It’s also important to consider that even though projects can get to the expert review stage, this does not mean it will certainly be releasing. That will be up to LEGO themselves.

We can only hope that LEGO hear the fans out and open up new doors for Nintendo and gaming-related products. If you have a LEGO account, you can back the LEGO Donkey Kong project.

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