You Know It’s True – Loxley for Spectrum Is a Prince of Thieves

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Robin Hood Prince of Thieves was a massive game (unsurprising, given the success of the movie) on the NES and Game Boy back in 1991, but was never released on other platforms.

As such, there was never any chance of it going anywhere near the ZX Spectrum. But that’s about to change with Loxley, a superb-looking title for the 128Kb models, developed by World XXI Soft, with code and graphcis by Ariel Ruiz, music from Richard Armijo, and a Russian version by Mikhail Sudakov, Maria Krasheninnikova.

Created for the Bytemaniacos BASIC Game Contest, Loxley is apparently coded in BASIC.

The demo above highlights various screens from the game, which features some smooth animation and an apparently straightforward bow-and-arrow targeting system.

Learn more at, or simply grab the direct download.